Springing Forward with Joy

March 16, 2018

Whether or not you are a Mercy patient, or a Mercy supporter, we can all use this perspective to let go of what's been weighing us down.  Light as a feather with joy, we will change the lives of those in our community!


I was asking God recently, "Why do You bring people into our lives that make us happy, even though You know we won't get to keep them?" He replied...


 "A) Some people make bad choices and take themselves or another away from you prematurely.


B) Some people are just meant to be temporarily yours. Let me explain: 


I bring flowers to you every spring, just as I bring you people in each season. You don't get to keep most of them. They don't bloom every month of the year. But, when they are here it's glorious. And it's My love letter to you to let you know that you have My heart.


Different flowers bloom each season. Enjoy the ones in front of you today instead of longing for last year's garden. Dont pick your favorites, hoard them in a basket, and keep them all for yourself. Instead, let them go out and share their beauty with the universe.


Let them be what they are, where they are.   Let them bring joy to someone else in their season.


There's no need to cling to this year's flowers. More will come next year. I have so many flowers I long to show you that you've yet to see!"


"God is going to cut every tie that keeps you earthbound in your thinking. He is going to cut every tie that keeps your heart enmeshed in the past. He is going to cut every one of those connections, and you're not going to feel like a chicken scratching around in the dust anymore, because you're going to soar like an eagle!"
(from Identity & Inheritance) by Graham Cook


If you think about it, Eagles have the best view of all the glorious flowers below. I don't want to be a chicken scratching around in the garden! You never see an eagles fried up for dinner!


And I don't want to be selfish and keep all the best people all for myself ... I want to be the florist who is willing to let go of my "flowers" so they may be sent out to put a smile on the face of someone else.  


It can be hard to let go of the past and spring into a future where you're willing to share your love, your time, your resources with others. But, I think if we have the attitidue of a florist who joyfully sends her flowers out into the world to bless others with their beauty, we're partaking in the giving, fun and loving nature of God!


Maybe you lost someone or a group of someones you love and you can't understand why they have a life now somewhere else without you.  Maybe it's your season to let go of your children as they are becoming independent adults.  Maybe it's your season to let go of a broken relationship.  You long for it to be what it used to be, or what it could've been, and you cling to it with all your might.  Maybe you have a loved one in Heaven and you're having a  hard time letting go.


We may never understand the why's of life, but I believe there can be beauty in every season. 

 You can joyfully let those people go, knowing they will put smiles on so many faces, and bless others in so many ways.  Other people out in the universe right now are enjoying that person's personality, hugs, and humor.  If they had stayed with you, the world would be missing out on them.  God will bring you another bouquet to enjoy.  He lacks no good thing for those who are righteous (those who endeavor to partner with His nature)!  In the meantime, let's give with JOY this season!

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