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July 12, 2018


A week doesn’t pass by where I’m not thanked for the work I do at The Mercy Ministries (TMM) by someone as I stand in line at the post office, or by the check out lady at the grocery store.  I honestly don’t feel like I do much some days, at least compared to those who work in our clinic who come face-to-face with the shocking and daunting needs our patients share each day.  But, I do what I can to spread awareness about this ministry because I once found myself in need of medical, emotional, spiritual and financial help.  Having grown up in a hard-working family, having been educated, and having been so independent financially, finding myself in need of help at the age of thirty-three was quite a shock to my system!  It was humbling to say the least!  I never thought I’d be one of those people.  It also taught me to be compassionate to those in need, where I might have once turned my nose up.


It’s not uncommon for us to look at someone who doesn’t have a job and say something like,


“Well, if they wanted a job bad enough, they could just go get one!”  Or, “They’re not really sick…they’re just wanting to live off the government!”


That’s simply not the case with at least 90% of Mercy’s patients.  Our patients want to get better, get back to work, and get back to the business of supporting themselves and their families.  They just need a temporary hand-up to get back on their feet!


To learn more about how YOU can help Mercy spread awareness visit this page, or contact me, Casey Hutcheson, at 912-524-4000 or casey@themercyministries.org 


You've heard why I am so passionate about the patients of The Mercy Ministries.  Below are the reasons my coworkers show up so passionately on behalf of our patients each day.  To learn more about, and see photos of our individual staff members, click here.


"I love being able to come to work and talk about Jesus. Even more importantly, I have a passion for 'raising the lid' on people's lives and we do that every day at Mercy through the opportunities we offer people for spiritual, emotional, financial and physical growth."

- Carly Benton 


"I love seeing people overcome obstacles and break free from whatever is trapping them. Helping individuals see the amazing freedom offered through Christ is why I look forward to coming to work."

- Clint Hutcheson 


"I love coming to work every day knowing that I can pray with our patients and that in some small way we are helping make our community a better place. I love the fact when people show up at our door that I don't have to tell them we cannot help them that we invite them in and do everything possible to encourage them, love them and help them find a pathway out of whatever situation they may find themselves in."

– Sissy Warnock 


“It is so rewarding to be able to encourage and offer services to those who need us here at Mercy.” 

- Hazel Mead


“When I was a little girl my grandmother said very often that GOD IS LOVE.  I never truly knew the meaning of that phrase until I became a part of The Mercy Ministries family.  God’s unconditional love is shared with every person that walks through our doors, and being a part of this has transformed my heart forever!”

– Jessica Thursby 


“I love serving others and seeing people smile.  When I think of Mercy, I think of God and how He, at some point, has given us all a second chance.  I see TMM as another chance being given, not only to myself [in this new job], but to all patients.  Coming to Mercy is another gift God has blessed me with!”

– Jennifer Gillis 


“I believe God brought me to The Mercy Ministries.  I retired about three years ago and Hazel Mead suggested I volunteer at Mercy.  I began later that year in the medication room.  After a couple of months Dr. Nancy Stanley asked me if I would be interested in a part-time job as the M.A.P. Room Coordinator.  I enjoy helping people and I love interacting and becoming familiar with the patients.  I feel I have become friend with our patients because I take an interest in their lives, not just their problems.  I hope to continue working and volunteering here at mercy for a long time to come!”

- Minnie Hattaway


“I believe God brought me to this job so that I can live my life doing what I love to do ... helping others while using my talent and education.  I always love helping in any way I can, and I love to make people laugh! ”

– Dalila Sandoval


“I just love each and every one of my patients! Working at Mercy has been a life changing experience! "

– Diane Cox


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