10 Things Holding You Back From Success: Part I

July 17, 2018


The Mercy Ministries is a ministry at heart, and the medical clinic is just one of the many services we provide.  We work hard to help people MOVE FORWARD not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually and financially.  


In light of that, for the next 10 weeks to come, we're going to be tackling some little things that may be holding you back from success in every area of your life!


"Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom” (Song of Songs 2:15)


Did you know there are 10 little things you could be doing right now that are holding you back from reaching your goals?


We all have goals, right? 

  • To get healthy and stay healthy

  • To save up money for that dream home

  • To land a job making enough money to not only support yourself, but to also help those in need

  • This list could go on and on…


I’ve compiled a list for you to evaluate.  I’ll be sharing them with you over the next few weeks (so follow Mercy’s Blog HERE for weekly updates and reminders to read). 


Each week, simply ask yourself if you’re engaging in any of these negative behaviors that may be holding you back from reaching your goals.  Then, see if you can take the tips provided in this blog to move forward this year towards a healthier, more well-rounded you.


This week, a simple question with a simple, albeit not easy solution:



1.  Do you compare yourself with others?


One of the hardest lessons I ever learned was to not compare my personal journey, my progress, with another’s.  I’m a very all-or-nothing person.  If you put me and one other person (let’s say Jane) in a room and expose us to exactly the same obstacles, I’m going to tackle those obstacles with 100% of everything I’ve got.  Jane is also very all-or-nothing, and she is going to tackle those obstacles with the same intensity.  However, my 100% and Jane’s 100% efforts might look completely different.


After all, maybe I’m more book smart and Jane has more common sense.  Maybe I struggle with a physical disability and Jane has always been strong and healthy.  Maybe I’m brave when a new challenge is put before me, but Jane is more fearful and hesitant.  Maybe I am great at working with a team of people, but Jane is better working alone.



You get the point.  Me giving something my all is going to look different, and perhaps get different results, than Jane giving something her all.  Doesn’t make me better than her, or her better than me.  Just different.  We each have our strengths and weaknesses.  It might take one of us longer to overcome our obstacles, but we’ll both eventually get there if we don’t give up.


So, how do we escape the trap of comparison?  I simply prayed and leaned into Jesus Christ to help me focus on the good He put inside of me, and trusted Him to help me get the tools I needed to overcome the bad so I could move forward more each day. 


I did ... and continue to do ... the following 3 steps:




A)  I made a list of all the things I like about myself and all the things I am good at.

  • If you’ve never done it, I suggest taking the DISC personality test to determine your strengths and weaknesses so you know what areas you thrive in, and what areas you may need help in.



B)  I prayed this prayer to remind myself none of us move forward without God’s help:

  • Dear Heavenly Father, I purpose and choose to repent for any way I have rejected myself or the unique gifts and talents you placed inside of me.  I repent of the sin of comparing myself to others.  I choose today to release myself from this sin of comparison and to embrace (love) the person I am.  In this fallen world I may suffer deficiencies in some areas, but I thank You that You are the ultimate gap-filler!  You are strong in all the areas I am weak.  I thank You for bringing people and tools into my life to help support and challenge me in those areas where I am weak so that I may grow and be more well-rounded as an individual.  Satan, I command your tormentors assigned to me … that make me feel like I’m not enough … to loose me now and go to the place assigned to you by Jesus Christ.  Do not return to me.  I am forgiven because God has forgiven me and I have forgiven myself.  Holy Spirit, if there is anything inside of me holding me back from fulfilling Father’s assignment on my life, please reveal it to me so that I may repent of it and walk free of it.  Amen.



C)  I employed these tips to help me reach my goals:

  • Compare where you are today to where you were ten years ago.  Now, compare where you are today to where you were five years ago.  What about six months ago? 

  • Evaluate:  Have you made progress? If so, celebrate!  You’re not who you used to be.  Even if your circumstances haven’t changed much, you’ve changed inwardly and matured.  That’s a BIG deal!  I’m proud of you, and you should be, too!

  • Evaluate:  Do you feel stuck?  Ask yourself what decisions you made (not what decisions others made) that put you in this situation.  Now, what lesson have you learned from your mistake(s), and how can you avoid making those choices again today and in the days to come?

  • Set some goals: 

    • “What is my first step towards my new goal?”

    • “What people/resources are in my life to help me reach my goal?”

    • “What can I do to make this happen?”

      • Make short-term daily goals and set yourself to accomplish those a little each day

      • Make long-term goals and set yourself to accomplish those by a realistic deadline



Now, do you see what you’ve accomplished already?


You’ve decided NOT to depend on another person, or compare yourself to another person, to move from where you are to where you want to be!


You’ve decided to not blame God or others for where you are at in your life, but own up to any bad decisions you’ve made, and purposed to not make those  bad decisions again.


You have made a plan, and you have the ability to follow through with that plan.


You now have the potential to get out of the cycle of comparing yourself to others, and embracing the wondrous creature God created you to be! 


You have so much to give to the world around you.  Start acting like it!


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