10 Things Holding You Back From Success: Part 3

August 2, 2018


The Mercy Ministries is all about helping people move ----->>>  FORWARD ----->>> towards their healthy, God-given goals.


So, I thought I'd write this blog series that would help us identify some "little things" that might be tripping us up and holding us back from walking in our true God-given identity.


----->>> Get caught up on Part 1 and Part 2 <<<-----


This week we will be discussing how waiting for the permission of others could hold us back.


3.  Waiting For The Permission (Approval) of Others


 When I was twenty-three or twenty-four I was a single mom with a lot of energy and drive.  I had dreams the size of Texas and I was very independent. I had a vision for a coffee shop and a book I wanted to publish.  I wrote the book.  I wrote a business plan for my coffee shop.  I was ready to get a small business loan and roll with the business idea, but I had yet to contact any publishing companies.





One day, while in a business meeting with other businessmen and elders at our church, I asked the advice of several respected, Christian businessmen if they thought my business and book idea would work.  Every single one of them shot me down.  They all said there wasn’t a market for what I wanted to do. 



I left the meeting disheartened.  I felt like a balloon that had been popped.  And, I never went forward with my ideas.  I wanted to step out and be brave, but I didn’t want to do it alone without their support.


About four years later I was in the town where I wanted to open up that coffee shop, and I discovered someone else had taken my whole idea and made it happen.  And, it wasn’t just surviving, the business was thriving!  Every tiny detail I had planned out, they had thought of, too.  The business was booming in a market the businessmen told me it would never work in.  I kicked myself all the way home for not going with my gut and starting that business four years earlier!


About two years after that I was standing in Barnes & Noble picking out a day planner for the year (because us single moms can’t survive without one! How else would I remember to do things like change the oil in the car on a regular basis?).  I looked over and THERE WAS MY BOOK!  I began flipping through the pages and someone had taken my idea and gotten it published.  Again, I kicked myself for not believing in my idea six years earlier!


Why did I let those business men effect my trajectory to such a degree?  Because I was being a “good little Christian girl” who’s supposed to always take the advice of older, supposedly wiser people, over my own instincts.  And, because I didn’t want to go it alone.


Let me tell you about being innovative … sometimes you of have to go it alone without the approval or support of those you’re closest to.


Experience has taught me that my gut is always about 95% right.  I still seek counsel from older, and/or wiser Christians when I’m making a big decision, especially if I need them to help me make sure what I’m doing aligns with God’s Word, The Bible.   But, I’ve learned to trust the ideas God sends my way.  If I don’t take those ideas and run with them, He’ll give someone else that same idea and they will!  Thesedays, sometimes I let the ideas go, knowing someone else will pick it up and do something with it.  Sometimes I know it's something I've just got to do.  


The point of my story is sometimes we just have to do what we know is the right thing to do and not allow others to discourage us.  So what if we fail?  I’d rather know I tried than to find out later I completely missed the gravy boat!


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