10 Things Holding You Back From Success: Part 5

August 16, 2018

One of the little things holding us back from success is the age-old problem of …


5.  Expecting Instant Results


Why don’t people notice when we put so much hard work and effort into something?  Can’t they see how far we’ve come? How much we’ve changed? Why aren't things happening faster for me?


Maybe, you’re working towards a goal and have found yourself all alone in the journey.  You thought God would send you people to join you, but you feel like you’ve been left out in the cold.  You thought God would’ve connected you to the right people by now.



When I was in my twenties I wanted it all, and I wanted it all at once!  I naively wanted the perfect husband, the perfect little family, and the perfect career to all fall into place.  I prayed for God to make it happen, but He never did.  It took me a long time to realize that success is not instant for 99% of the population.  But, hard work and consistency is mandatory.  It wasn't me waiting on God, it was God waiting on me to get to work!


Because of my lack of patience in my teens and twenties I reaped some consequences.  As a result, my life just fell apart and every.single.day. was SOOOOOO hard.  It wasn’t until I was 37 years old that God finally began to restore my life, put me with the right people, and let me walk into arenas I had longed to enjoy.  He wouldn’t do any of that for me until I, first, got busy and did the work it took to get there.  God asked me specifically to go back to college TWICE.  I didn’t want to either time.  The process was agonizing.  But, it’s what set me up for the good, healthy place God has brought me into today. 


God could’ve just brought me here and let me skip college, sure, BUT I wouldn’t have grown in character during those grueling years. 


God cares more about who we’re becoming along the journey than He does about us actually getting there, wherever there may be.


The solution to our impatience?  Take a deep breath and repeat after me:  If I’m still in this place two years from now, it’s okay.  God is working all things together for my good.  All I have to do is obey his directives, and He’ll take care of the rest.  Be still, oh, my soul … it’s all going to be okay …


In the meantime, love the people around you as much as you can, get involved in your community (if possible), sign up for a new class, and create a Vision Board for where you want to go in life.  Each morning when you wake up pray, “Father, I want everything on this vision board, nevertheless, Your will be done in my life on earth as it is in Heaven.  Here am I.  Send me wherever I may be of the greatest service to Your Kingdom.”


 The point is ... get busy, be of service, don't expect quick results.  Just expect to learn something new about God, and about yourself, with each passing day!


Now, sit back and watch Him surprise you!  Who knows, you may surprise yourself!

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