10 Things Holding You Back From Success: Part 6

August 22, 2018

Could this little thing be holding you back from success?


6.  You don't act on your plans.


I'm a planner by nature.  I plan vacations, weddings, house decor, parties ... you name it ... if it can be planned, I have a Pinterest.com board for it and a notebook with sketches and outlines of how to accomplish the task. 


I plan out my spending each week, recipes I plan to cook, and shopping lists down to the most insignificant of items we may be running out of.


I have a vision board full of places I plan to travel to someday.  On this vision board I also have sketches of clothes I've designed and would like to have made someday.  I even have a blueprint of the dream home I'd love to build someday.


I have planned my own daughter's wedding 97 times in my mind already, despite the fact she's only ten-years-old.  I'm always thinking ahead.


I do the same with business ideas and ministry ideas.  I'll map out plans for this new business or that new ministry avenue, and I do step out and act on them ... and sometimes I don't.  


On the bad days when negativity gets the best of me, I plan in my mind for the 10,000 things that could go wrong and map out a solution to each scenario.


In other words, my mind never shuts up.  Worse than that, I rarely act on any of my ideas, at least not without a lot of prayer and objective thinking.


But, if all I ever did was plan and think, would I ever accomplish anything in life?  What if I never acted on any of these?  Sure, it would be okay.  I'm sure some other soul out there would take that same idea and run with it.  But, what if God is asking ME to do that particular thing?  What if He asks, and I plan, but I never follow through?


Is it time for us to decide what plans we have that require action?


What's one thing God has asked you to do that you haven't done yet?  Give yourself a deadline and get busy!


Hustle, hustle, hustle...

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