10 Things Keeping You From Success: Part 8

September 19, 2018


Has society made it a crime to need someone?  It seems like to me these days we are called "co-dependent" if we feel the need for a person or thing, and it usually comes with a negative vibe. 


As a Christian I know I N.E.E.D. JESUS!!!  I'm happy to admit on any given day I need the constant help of the Holy Spirit.  There's nothing negative about it.  I'm co-dependent on Jesus, and I need healthy people in my life. (Maybe just sometimes I wouldn't mind escaping to a beautiful desserted island for a couple of days!) 


But seriously, no man is meant to be an island.  Not only does the Bible encourage Biblical community for our overal health, science studies have proven we humans need connection and touch from other human beings in order to develop mentally, emotionally and physically.  


I believe some things holding us back from success and moving forward in this area are possibly ...

1.  We simply don't think about reaching out to others for help

2.  We've been taught asking for help is a sign of weakness or deficiency 

3.   Or, maybe in our pride we want to succeed all on our own and not share the credit of our future success with anyone


To overcome the fear of asking for help or the need for someone, take these steps:


A.  Write down five to ten problems you've been having

B.  Ask youself who is in my life who has been through something similar and overcame that problem?

C.  Write down questions you would like to ask those people

D.  Set aside a time to chat with that person, ask them your questions and make it a point to lay down your pride and say, I need help in this area!



And, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have no expert to turn to but God, that's okay, too ... because being in God's loving arms is a really wonderful place to be!  He's the ultimate Expert, and our very present help in times of need!

Psalm 46:1

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