10 Things Keeping You From Success: Part 9

October 4, 2018

Have you ever met one of those people who seem to have no sense of identity?  They are like a chameleon... They like what others like, do what others do, and hang on every word others speak.  They even dress like those in their group, and seemingly are driven by the opinions of their family members and friends.  It can be hard for these people to form opinions for themselves because, well, they don't have a strong sense of self.


One of the things possibly holding you back from success could be your listening to everyone else but yourself!


While it is true, there is wisdom in the counsel of many, it's important we be able to think for ourselves and form our own opinions.  Even more important than that, we need to know God's Word, the Bible, and be able to weigh any thoughts or advice our friends are giving against the truth of God's wisdom and knowledge.


Maybe your problem is a lack of confidence?  You think everyone else knows more about a subject than you do?  You assume you're lacking in some way, or you fear making a mistake, maybe?


One of the greatest steps I began to make in my walk with God was simply choosing to trust that His love was BIG ENOUGH to cover any mistake I could ever make.  Since that time, I have felt like God has given me permission to test different thoughts and ideas, paths and potential pathways, to see what works for me and what doesn't.  I believe God is more interested in us learning what works and what doesn't than He is in us being perfect all the time.  I've made a lot of mistakes, but I've also grown so much as an individual!


I encourage you today to begin trusting in God's love, knowing He will catch you if you fall.  And, know it's okay to make a bad judgement call or mistake.  He will help you find the right path for you.  It's really not about ending up at the perfect destination.  This life is about growing as an individual... rooted in God's best, His truth, along the way.

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