10 Things Keeping You From Success, Part 10

October 18, 2018

Some of us are like a ball of tightly bound rope ... we have no idea how far we can stretch until someone unravels us!


What's holding you back from success?  IS it a fear of trying something new an exciting because you don't have enough money yet, or you don't feel like you have the right people in your life to support you dreams?


Hopefully, the last nine blogs have revealed some hangups and how to move past them into a happier, healthier tomorrow.


For the last part in this 10-part series of blogs, I'll share the #1 thing that held me back from success in my adulthood:  I was always waiting for the right people to come along or the right time to follow my dreams.



I would think to myself,

"One day when I'm married..."

"One day when I find a roommate..."

"One day when my kids are older..."

"One day when I have more money..."



I missed out on SO MANY opportunities because I was waiting for my life to look like I wanted it to look before I stepped out into the adventure of life.  I settled for barely living, instead of thriving while making a living.  


I guess I was afraid of being alone, or of my children not having the support system they needed if we up and left our hometown.  I let fear keep me from my dreams.


Thankfully, now, I am free of such fears and know I can trust God on the other side of the unknown.  He ALWAYS has my back, no matter where I happen to find myself!  He'll have yours, too.  



So, maybe you missed out on some opportunities in the past, as well.  Don't beat yourself up or live in the maybes of yesterday.  What dreams do you have living inside of you today?  I promise you, if you'll just go for it, God will have the right people lined up for you in that new place.  Step out.  Fill out the job application.  Enroll in the class.  Start taking steps to make your dreams a reality!


Your life is comprised of many blank pages in a book.  Work with God and write a story you'd like to read!



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