CNAs... More Than Just The Scrubs They Wear!

June 13, 2019



This week is National Nurses Assistants (CNA) Week and we're celebrating at The Mercy Ministries (TMM) by thanking our nursing assistants! We simply don't know what we would do without them!


"The CNA is the backbone of health care. Most of the direct patient care in many health care settings is done by CNAs. Working as a team member, the CNA takes vital signs and helps patients bathe, dress, eat, and go to activities. Patients depend on CNAs to help them go to the bathroom and transfer from their beds to chairs. In short, just about everything that a patient needs, a CNA does. CNAs spend more time with patients than any other team members," says CNA.Plus Academy online.


Perhaps the biggest job of the CNA is to make the patient feel like someone with dignity, even when they're having to have help getting out of a chair, have their diapers changed or mouth wiped.  Making the patient feel valued and loved is their top priority.  While TMM assistants and volunteers don't generally change diapers or help patients eat, they do go above and beyond to make Mercy patients feel valued, regardless of their disability or illness. It's not a glamorous job, but somebody must do it, and a CNA is the kind of person to raise their hand and say, "Why not me? I'll do it!"


A Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) and volunteer CNAs the first ones to see the patients at TMM, and they might be the first to spot a potential problem with a patient's health.  They are trained to pay attention to the details the average person or busy doctor might miss.  By showing consistency of care each day, they make the patient feel more comfortable, make the medical provider's job much easier, and aid in cultivating an environment of love and joy inside the clinic where patients are usually feeling anything but.


To learn more about how you can become a CNA, visit here.  If you're already a licensed CMA or CNA and would like to learn more about volunteering with TMM in Lyons, GA or Graham, GA visit here.

Again, THANK YOU to Dalila Sandoval, TMM's CMA, and to the CNAs who volunteer to serve Mercy patients.  The world is a better place because of superheroes like you!

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