Are You Truly Living?

July 17, 2019

Today one of the staff members of The Mercy Ministries led someone to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  It is a great day of rejoicing when we step out in BOLD faith and obey the Lord when He asks us to share His heart with an unbeliever. 


Sometimes it is scary, too, but we Christian's are like ships...  We were not built to sit in the safe harbor.  We were built to soar through the waves of an unpredictable ocean of beauty and chaos.  


One day we will stand before the Lord and He will hold us accountable for all the missed opportunities we had to lead someone to an eternal life with Jesus!  We have to get over our fears and be willing to be the loving arms of Christ that embrace the lost, the loving feet of Christ that sacrifices all to go after the one "lost sheep," and the loving WORDS of Christ that speak truth that may or may not be accepted by the person we're reaching out to.


"Until we have something to die for, we really never live. 

Jesus put it best: 

”For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it” 

(Matthew 16:25). 

We are all terminal! We are all going to die; we just don’t know when. The real question is, will we really ever live? I am not talking about taking up space and sucking up air; I mean really living, making a difference, pushing past our fear, and taking hold of our destiny. Until we deal with death, we don’t really ever live. It is only when we deal with the inevitable that we can actually do the impossible. When a person loses the fear of death, they begin to move into new realms of impact.
According to an ancient Roman adage, 'A coward dies a thousand deaths, but a brave man dies only once!' Fear will rob us of life every day. The life we were called to live lies on the other side of our fears. Remember, God didn’t childproof the Garden. He isn’t as interested in keeping us safe as He is trying to keep us from a meaningless life."

An excerpt from the book "Heavy Rain" by Kris Vallotton 


Are you truly living today for eternity, or just playing it safe?



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