Transformation of Community

"Through my classes I learned to look people in the eyes and just be honest with them, and tell them that if I don't know how to do something, I'm willing to learn. That's how I got my job."

                                          -- Charles

Transformation of Community encompasses everything we do at The Mercy Ministries through Mercy University, our newest program, to help people move forward financially.  Each quarter we offer Faith & Finance classes, and a Work Life program.  Participants are taught Biblical perspectives of the value of working, giving back to society, and being good stewards of their finances.  Our Work Life program has a 90% success rate (meaning 90% of our graduates gain employment and keep their jobs!




Myth/Fact:  A lot of people think if a person has financial troubles, it only effects them. In reality, it effects the whole community! Also, it's a lot harder to find a job when you are low-income than one might think!

Need:  Mercy University averages 45 graduates each year, impacting 45 families, and ultimately our whole community! We would like to be able to add an additional instructor to make financial classes a requirement for all patients.

Mercy University graduate, Gordy Thursby, speaks at his graduation ceremony.

Would you like to mentor a student through their journey of managing their finances and getting back to work?

Be a Volunteer Ally to an MU student!


JAN 9th @ 5:30 & June 5th @ 5:30


Contact Clint Mon-Thurs: 


Couples Classes:

Couples or Duos can take

Faith & Finance together for just $20 ($10 each)

(includes workbook and meals) !!! 


Sign up by contacting

Clint 912-524-4000 or Johan 404-518-6514 


Learn More by watching a

Faith & Finance VIDEO HERE

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Classes Begin:

Faith & Finances $20/student 

2019 Class Schedule (pick day or evening):

Day Classes: Monday at12:00 pm for 8 weeks

(meals provided for students)

Jan 14 - Mar 4

Apr 1 - May 20

Aug 5 - Sept 23

Night Classes: Tuesday at 5 pm for 8 weeks

(meals provided for students)

Jan 15 - Mar 5

April 2 - May 21

Aug 6 - Sept 24

Work Life $20/student

2019 Class Schedule:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays for 6 weeks

Jan 28 - Mar 7

April 15 - May 23

Aug 10 - Sept 26

Some of 2018's first Mercy University graduate class accepts their certificate of completion from Clint Hutcheson, Director of Mercy University

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2019: Graduation Ceremonies

March 7th

May 23rd

September 26th

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Rachel Clements

Faith & Finance Student

Mercy University

Shares Her Story Of Success ...

 "I had my 3rd baby in April of 2016. June 2016 my husband informed me that he no longer loved me and wanted a divorce. He moved out and I filed the paperwork."  To make a long story short, Rachel learned all her family's bills were behind, including their taxes and mortgage payments. Rachel was, thankfully, able to get a rental duplex while she improved her credit score, and was finally approved for a rental home in January 2017. However, she longed for her family to have a real home of their own.

 "I wanted a house because I wanted my children to feel at home, not just sheltered."

"July 2017 I saw the online flyer on Vidalia Communications website [about Mercy's Faith & Finance class]. I was overjoyed that there was a night class. I work Mon-Fri 8-5. I wanted to know how to manage money and how to provide a better life for my children. I learned in class that God wants to improve every part of our lives. It's His money and we need to know how to manage it so we will not miss an opportunity to share God's love with others. We learned about goals (long and short term)and how to make a spending plan/budget. We also had a study book. In this study book we would read each week about a family and their struggles. I saw a lot of similarities in my own life. But the sad news [was] ... in the book the family grew together and improved their situation together ... [yet] my family [had fallen] apart."

Despite the heartbreak, Rachel was determined to rebuild her life God's way

and purchase a real home for her children.

"[Since completing the class], for the first time in my life, I now have a savings account. I made a budget and continued to improve my credit. I called a mortgage company and asked about the requirements of getting approved for a home loan. My intentions were to better understand my goal and what I needed to be doing to work towards home ownership. The loan officer explained that if she couldn't get me approved, the company had a program that works with people with financial planning. To my surprise, I was preapproved!" Rachel was still concerned because of the bill that had gone unpaid when she was married.

 "[However}, I found a house and started the loan process. It was very stressful but I just prayed. God answered my prayers. Everything was approved and on time. I am now the proud owner of a house!!! All 3 of my children have their own bedrooms! I went to closing and felt like a successful grown up. At 30 years old I had to start my life over and with Mercy University's help I am succeeding!"

Thank You, Mercy University!  



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