Transformation of Health

Transformation of Health encompasses everything we do at The Mercy Ministries to help people move forward physically.  This includes our Mercy Medical Clinic, Mercy Dental Clinic, Smoking Cessation Classes, Healthy Lifestyles Classes (where patients learn how to manage things like Hypertension and Diabetes), and more!

Myth/Fact:  Many think anyone can get government assistance if they really need it!  However, in Georgia, only patients who are pregnant, disabled, under age 19, or over age 65 qualify for government assistance. And, one must make $12,000/yr to apply for insurance through the Obamacare Marketplace (even then, most patients can't afford to pay the deductible attached to the policies). That leaves about 6,000+ people in Toombs County alone who cannot get government assistance or afford health insurance. If they get sick, their only option is to pay cash for a band-aid fix at the local Urgent Care center, go to the local Emergency Room, or come to our clinic.  For patients with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or heart disease, they need to come to TMM for chronic care management, rather than frequenting the local Urgent Care or ER.

Need:  We are currently open 3.5 days/wk. If we were open 5 days/wk, we could schedule an additional 25 patient visits each week!

"Because of Mercy and the surgery I received, I am now a better husband, better grandfather and a better mechanic.  Mercy literally saved my life!"

                                         -- Roger

Listen to the stories of Charles, Lora and Steve, and how The Mercy Medical Clinic saved them.


Mercy Medical Clinic 

The Mercy Medical Clinic provides free primary medical care, health education and specialty referrals to over 500 patients. Anyone applying to the medical clinic must have no insurance and must provide proof of income that is less than 200% of the Federal Poverty. 


M.A.P. (Medication Assistance Program)

Prescription medication services are needed by almost all of Mercy's patients.  M.A.P. Volunteers spend each day filling out applications to submit to pharmaceutical companies with indigent care programs in an effort to help patients get free or discounted medications.  In 2016 we were able to get $2 million AWP in prescription drugs for Mercy patients! In addition, TMM partners with a non-profit called Direct Relief to help access basic medications and medical supplies at a low cost. To learn more about becoming a M.A.P. Volunteer, click here.

Mercy Dental Clinic 

MDC provides low-cost emergency (extractions and fillings) and preventative dental care and oral hygiene education to the same population of uninsured, low-income individuals in need. 

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