Transformation of Heart encompasses everything we do at The Mercy Ministries to share the love of Christ with those we serve, including pastoral care, counseling and prayer.  In fact, every morning we have prayer in the lobby at 8:30.  All present staff, volunteers, and patients gather in a circle, hold hands, and pray.  We average a dozen people in our prayer circle each day. It's a beautiful sight to behold!  Miracles happen here on a weekly basis!

"This morning during prayer at Mercy, I talked to God for the first time in 20 years!" -- Billy

(Billy now has a restored relationship with Jesus Christ and attends church on a regular basis!)

MYTH/FACT: Many people think that The Mercy Ministries is a medical clinic with a little ministry included ... when in fact, it is a ministry at heart, and a medical clinic is just one of the many services we provide.​ They also may believe physical healing alone produces wholeness, when we know it takes physical, mental & spiritual healing to bring about wholeness.


NEED: We need pastoral volunteers to ensure each patient has an opportunity to hear the Gospel and receive individualized, pastoral care. We also currently offer counseling (by volunteer, licensed counselors) 1 day/wk, leaving over 100 patients on our counseling waiting list. We need 2 counselors for 4 days/wk to serve those additional patients.

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